Feeling like an adult today…

Hello, hello!

I hope you are all enjoying this roller coaster weather Mother Nature has thrown at us! Here I. Western Pennsylvania, it was freezing this morning, but is roughly 50° this afternoon.

Being Saturday, I typically work on my pastry school homework, but this week is only one pie. So I’ll do it later (hopefully 🤦🏻‍♀️). Today, I decided buying business stuff was waaaaay more important. I’ve been averaging roughly 20 dozen cookies per week for about the last two months. Over Easter weekend my oven went. So now we have a new oven, which shockingly bakes in a fraction of the time. Now that we are so busy, we are in need of a spare freezer to store cookies and orders.

I had planned to go to Sam’s club, which I love! I love buying in bulk! Feeling like I’ll never run out of toilet paper is an amazing feeling in this crazy time 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️. But I quickly realized the freezers they had on sale were way to small for my needs. So to Lowe’s I went. Shockingly they had 3 in stock and offered to deliver it for free. Throw in my military discount and I was one happy chick!

Then off to ALDI for butter and eggs (two things I can’t seem to keep on hand). Then to staples because I got crinkle paper stuck in my printer 😂 and hey it’s almost 20 years old. Why not upgrade? Oh and wait, my laptop is also stupid old, so yeah. I went down that rabbit hole. Picked out all the good stuff the nice guy at staples helped me with. Paid for it and wanted to cry with instant buyer’s remorse. 😭 Why does everything cost so much?!

Anywho, my gram always said “just be grateful you’re able to get what you need!” Truth, gram! So, as I sit here procrastinating my pie homework, I figured I’d whine to you all and share some fun cookies we’ve been busy with over the last two months 😜

Thanks for listening! Also, we are now on this fun app called Bakesy! Here’s our link: https://shop.bakesy.app/b/mommy-and-me

Enjoy our cookies! We hope to see your order soon!

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