Summer lovin’

Happy summer! We love, love, love summer time!!! The warm weather, the sunshine, the picnics, swimming. We love it all!

While I have intended to step back a little from baking, we are still averaging around 30 dozen every week for birthdays, showers, and graduations. Right now, we are booked through until August, and that is filling up very quickly. If you are even debating on needing cookies or cakes then get those orders in now. I won’t be taking anymore orders for the rest of June, July, or part of August.

The shaved ice trailer has been doing great. We have bookings twice a week up in July, a few bookings in august. Then the fall activities start up in September. We will be adding light grab and go foods to our listing. Such as : hotdogs, sloppy joes, bbq ham, walking tacos, occasionally pizza, chips, of course cookies and other baked goods. We are debating on adding nachos, macaroni and cheese, and popcorn. Let us know if you would like us to offer anything else!

Here’s a list of our upcoming events with the Shaved Ice Trailer:

  • July 2 & 3, 11a-6p – Lakeview Lodge Pool, Treasure Lake
  • July 6, 11a-6p – Penn Highlands, Brookville
  • July 9, 10a-4p – Calhoun Farm, Falls Creek
  • July 15, 11a-4p – Dubois Granite and Quartz, Beaver Drive, Dubois
  • July 16, 12p-5p – Wilcox Winery, Dubois, with Burger Daddy
  • July 23, 10a-10p – Relay for Life, City Park, Dubois
  • July 29, 11a-4p – Dubois Granite and Quartz, Beaver Drive, Dubois
  • July 30, 10a-8p – Lakeview Lodge Pool, Treasure Lake

It finally happened…

Mommy and Me Cookies has been going strong (thanks to all of our amazing customers, friends, and family) for about a year and a half. That being said, it’s only a one person operation. My daughter is only 7 and is pretty much over decorating cookies, as any normal kid would be at this point. I do have a great friend who comes to help me bake and clean. I am so grateful for all of her help. 💕

So as a one woman operation, I tend to not be able to say no. I think I’m Wonder Woman and can take on all orders. I’ve said for months now that I’m going to start saying no; that I NEED to say no. However, I’ve never really done so. I’ve pulled many all nighters to complete orders. One week I completed 52 dozen decorated cookies and 4 cakes by Friday afternoon. That’s a lot of work.

Well, this last week, I didn’t feel well at all the first few days. Plus, I had so much to do with my daughter’s last week of school activities. I pushed all my orders off until Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. Huge mistake. The one order that I thought was my simplest, ended up being my downfall. I didn’t plan like I should have.

Two small smash cakes… easy right? Wrong. I also had 5 dozen cookies and 5 dozen gourmet cupcakes to finish that same morning. My scheduled was packed that week. I got up at 4:30 am to get this all done. Well, I got the large order done. Started the smash cakes, and the vanilla one just was not baking. I decorated the chocolate one. Realized I completely forgot to make a fondant crown 🤦🏻‍♀️, but had my wafer paper butterflies for the other decor. Boxed up that cake, and checked the vanilla. Cake pick came out clean so I threw them in the freezer to cool them as fast as possible. After ten mins, I pulled them and started cutting the tops off. The middles were raw.

At this point I have 15 minutes until the customer was to come pick up. Yes, I know I was cutting it close. Impossibly close. I went through every possibility in my head. Hell, I even looked for a box cake mix in my pantry but I never use box cake so it was a lost cause. I finally accepted defeat and messaged the lady (who thankfully was very nice about everything). I gave her a full refund and apologized. I still feel horrible about it.

In all situations, I try to look for a silver lining. This one was that, I need to limit myself each week. I looked through my planner for the rest of the month. I’m completely booked. It’s the same for many other weeks in the upcoming months. I am finally to the point that I have accepted I cannot take every order. I have been recommending other local bakers for items. I’m sorry that I can’t help some people celebrate their special days, but I’m so happy that I can recommend other amazing bakers!!!

In other news, we started using our shaved ice trailer!!! ❄️ 🧊 🍦🧁🍭 it has been a blast!!! We were at Treasure Lake (Dubois, PA) over Memorial Day weekend and plan to head back weekly. Likely on Sundays. This next Saturday, June 4th, we will be at Wilcox Winery (Dubois location) 1pm-5pm. Come see us for shaved ice for both the kids and adults!

It’s been a minute

Hello, everyone!!!

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve updated you all, and let me tell ya, there is a lot to catch you up on!

We’ve expanded our clientele drastically. Thank you all so very much for all the orders and positive feedback. We’ve been doing more cakes and cupcakes.

We also have something super exciting that we’ve done! We added a gourmet shaved ice trailer to our ventures this summer!!! So let us know if you want us at your event! We have special pricing for private events as well!!!

Cookie designs over the last few months have been so fun! They have varied from one extreme to the other, and we love it!

Lastly, we have a few events coming up!!! April 23 (this Saturday) we will be at TriCounty Church. May has a few dates that are up in the air but we will update you once we know for sure. June 4th we will be at Wilcox winery for their Summer Love event 1-5pm. There will be live music and we will be teaming up with them to offer winey-shaved ice!!! Definitely come see us!

We also regretfully need to inform you that we will have to start turning down orders. Over the last year I can count on one hand how many orders I have ever turned away. Even last minute ones. However, it’s just me. Until I can hire someone to help out, I will not be able to continue to take last minute orders. I started this business to be more present for my daughter, and doing 20-50 dozen each week with cakes is not allowing for much family time. I am grateful for all of the requests, but must do what is best for my family.

What season is it?

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but here in the northeast of America, Mother Nature doesn’t seem to know if we are still in winter or if spring is here. Personally spring is my favorite time of year. The signs of new beginnings, Easter 🐣, flowers, colors, and smells all coming to life. What’s not to love? I mean other than all the mud.

Over the last month or so, we’ve done some very exciting things. We celebrated my daughter’s birthday, started making and offering cakes, and we are in the midst of building a small store front. How exciting?!

Coming up, we will be at Big Run War Memorial March 19th to raise money for the local food shelter. Also, that same day the Punxsutawney Christian School will be holding their auction at the Big Run Event Center. We are considering the DuBois Mall event on the 26th, but we dislike doing events back to back. We are going to be at the DuBois Middle School March 27th for the annual kid fair. This should be a great time.

Let us know what you want to see at the upcoming events! As always, mention that you read our blog for a free item!!

Enjoy some of our latest orders:

2022 or 2020 too?

Hello! Hope everyone had a great holiday season and wonderful New Years!

2022 has definitely started out rough for many to say the least. Hopefully we are all just getting the bad luck out now and the rest of the year will continue to improve!

It’s been awhile since we updated you all on what’s going on! So here’s a little insight on what we’ve been up to and where we are planning to be in the upcoming future!

We ended 2021 amazingly! We were so busy with Christmas, birthday and baby shower orders! We took about a week to relax with minimal orders, but quickly got back to the grind. January seems to have disappeared without us even realizing it. Valentine’s Day orders have us booked up, but if you missed out on ordering, we will be at Better Bargains LLC in Dubois, PA 10-4 on February 12, 2022. Mocha Mama will be there, too! So come grab some great coffee, delicious sweets and some last minute gifts to have a romantic weekend or grab your girls and have a Galentine day and come see us!

That brings us to March. We are still debating on doing a bridal show or two to help showcase our cakes and cupcakes, as well as our cookies. We are planning to be at Big Run War Memorial March 19th for their event to support the local food pantry. If we end up doing more then we will update it on our Facebook page 😊

Here are a few of the orders we’ve worked on recently. Some animal safari baby shower cookies that were hand painted. Groundhogs day cookies; plus the traditional spiced groundhog cookie. Birthdays, Valentine’s, more showers, and of course cakes. Comment and let us know your favorite!

Come see us at one of our events and mention that you read this to receive a free sweet treat!