Spring, is that you?

Hello! Hello!

How have you all been enjoying the winter weather all over the country? Up here in the northeast the weather seems to be warming up, and we’ve been enjoying some wonderful sunshine! As much as I love winter, I’m definitely ready for spring!!

I love the idea of new beginnings in every way! I love the fresh spring rain and flowers starting to bloom, but I especially love Easter! I think as a child it was because of all the chocolate (I was a chocolate fiend!). Now, as I stated, it’s just the fresh start to another year.

Easter 2021

We’ve been busy with orders for our vendors as well as customer orders. When I say “busy” I mean zero sleep and cookie decorating for roughly 10 hours per day! We couldn’t be happier and are loving it! So, please, keep those orders coming!!!

This week we did a little girl’s unicorn 🦄 birthday and another “just because order.”

Unicorns 🦄
Spring 2021

Both orders were so much fun to do!!!!! On the spring order we just wanted to try something different and we think it turned out so elegant! We will be busy with two birthdays, a bridal shower, and a national kidney day order!!!

Let us know what you’d like to see us make!!! We’re always looking for new and fun ideas to try!!!

As always, thank you all for supporting our small business! We are so very grateful for you all! 💕

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