Summer time is the best!

How’s everyone’s summer vacay going? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t counting down the days until school starts (only one month to the day). Buuuuut we’ve had a blast so far but n between cookie orders and vendor events.

We just got back from Legoland, New York, and I highly recommend going! It was an absolute blast! Also want to give props to them for all the safety features, gearing it all towards kids, and especially having water bottle refills rations everywhere!!!

It’s been awhile since we’ve given any updates! So we have been working on a wide array of orders. Anything from succulents to construction themes. It’s been a lot of fun!

We have so many vendor events coming up! Next one being this Saturday in Dubois, PA at the city park for Relay for Life! So if you’re local please come support a great cause! Part of all proceeds goes to Relay for Life! We also will be at Brook’s farm in September and October most Saturdays. Then at Day’s for the October festival on the 2nd!

Lastly we have a Christmas in July sale going on now! If you book orders for November or December by the end of the month then you save 20%!

The link above is our Christmas items.

As always we do provide shipping and we are always available if you have questions or requests! Thanks for all the support!!!

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