Summer time is the best!

How’s everyone’s summer vacay going? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t counting down the days until school starts (only one month to the day). Buuuuut we’ve had a blast so far but n between cookie orders and vendor events.

We just got back from Legoland, New York, and I highly recommend going! It was an absolute blast! Also want to give props to them for all the safety features, gearing it all towards kids, and especially having water bottle refills rations everywhere!!!

It’s been awhile since we’ve given any updates! So we have been working on a wide array of orders. Anything from succulents to construction themes. It’s been a lot of fun!

We have so many vendor events coming up! Next one being this Saturday in Dubois, PA at the city park for Relay for Life! So if you’re local please come support a great cause! Part of all proceeds goes to Relay for Life! We also will be at Brook’s farm in September and October most Saturdays. Then at Day’s for the October festival on the 2nd!

Lastly we have a Christmas in July sale going on now! If you book orders for November or December by the end of the month then you save 20%!

The link above is our Christmas items.

As always we do provide shipping and we are always available if you have questions or requests! Thanks for all the support!!!

Feeling like an adult today…

Hello, hello!

I hope you are all enjoying this roller coaster weather Mother Nature has thrown at us! Here I. Western Pennsylvania, it was freezing this morning, but is roughly 50° this afternoon.

Being Saturday, I typically work on my pastry school homework, but this week is only one pie. So I’ll do it later (hopefully 🤦🏻‍♀️). Today, I decided buying business stuff was waaaaay more important. I’ve been averaging roughly 20 dozen cookies per week for about the last two months. Over Easter weekend my oven went. So now we have a new oven, which shockingly bakes in a fraction of the time. Now that we are so busy, we are in need of a spare freezer to store cookies and orders.

I had planned to go to Sam’s club, which I love! I love buying in bulk! Feeling like I’ll never run out of toilet paper is an amazing feeling in this crazy time 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️. But I quickly realized the freezers they had on sale were way to small for my needs. So to Lowe’s I went. Shockingly they had 3 in stock and offered to deliver it for free. Throw in my military discount and I was one happy chick!

Then off to ALDI for butter and eggs (two things I can’t seem to keep on hand). Then to staples because I got crinkle paper stuck in my printer 😂 and hey it’s almost 20 years old. Why not upgrade? Oh and wait, my laptop is also stupid old, so yeah. I went down that rabbit hole. Picked out all the good stuff the nice guy at staples helped me with. Paid for it and wanted to cry with instant buyer’s remorse. 😭 Why does everything cost so much?!

Anywho, my gram always said “just be grateful you’re able to get what you need!” Truth, gram! So, as I sit here procrastinating my pie homework, I figured I’d whine to you all and share some fun cookies we’ve been busy with over the last two months 😜

Thanks for listening! Also, we are now on this fun app called Bakesy! Here’s our link:

Enjoy our cookies! We hope to see your order soon!

Spring, is that you?

Hello! Hello!

How have you all been enjoying the winter weather all over the country? Up here in the northeast the weather seems to be warming up, and we’ve been enjoying some wonderful sunshine! As much as I love winter, I’m definitely ready for spring!!

I love the idea of new beginnings in every way! I love the fresh spring rain and flowers starting to bloom, but I especially love Easter! I think as a child it was because of all the chocolate (I was a chocolate fiend!). Now, as I stated, it’s just the fresh start to another year.

Easter 2021

We’ve been busy with orders for our vendors as well as customer orders. When I say “busy” I mean zero sleep and cookie decorating for roughly 10 hours per day! We couldn’t be happier and are loving it! So, please, keep those orders coming!!!

This week we did a little girl’s unicorn 🦄 birthday and another “just because order.”

Unicorns 🦄
Spring 2021

Both orders were so much fun to do!!!!! On the spring order we just wanted to try something different and we think it turned out so elegant! We will be busy with two birthdays, a bridal shower, and a national kidney day order!!!

Let us know what you’d like to see us make!!! We’re always looking for new and fun ideas to try!!!

As always, thank you all for supporting our small business! We are so very grateful for you all! 💕

Thank you!

Guys, thank you all so very much for your support. Never in our lives did we think we would make it this far, and we couldn’t be more grateful!

So in return we want to give back! Head over to our IG (@mommy_and_me_cookies) and fb @mommyandmecookies to check out how to be entered into the drawing!!!!

Also, we wanted to let you know some of our big plans!!!! We have decided to do beginner cookie decorating classes! We will have both adult and children classes available! This is so exciting!!!

Another fun thing to start soon will be subscription boxes!!! Oh I can’t wait!!! Comment below what you’d want in the boxes!!!

Happy Groundhog’s Day ❄️ 🌸

To any other person today is just another day, but when you’re originally from Punxsutawney, PA you know that today is actually a holiday!

If you don’t know anything about this special day, let me give you a brief education. Every year on February 2nd, a group of men (called “The Inner Circle) pull the groundhog (Punxsy Phil) out of a stump. Punxsy Phil then will pick a stroll stating the he either sees his shadow or doesn’t. If he sees his shadow then there will be six more weeks of winter weather. If he doesn’t see it then there will be six weeks of spring weather.

Needless to say, we were hoping for spring, but Phil disappointed us by choosing the scroll seeing his shadow. Buuuuut winter weather is good cookie baking weather!

Lately we have been busy with birthday orders, 100th day of school cookie bars, and Valentine’s Day orders. Here are a few pics of our adventures. 🤤😋😊

100th day of school 🏫
Baby shark do do do 🦈
Valentine’s platter cookie ❤️
Valentine tic tac toe cookie
Chocolate covered strawberries

We’ve also made cake pops! Just a reminder we do ship all over the world! Military gets free shipping! Plus we still have a referral bonus where both people receive a $5 discount on their next orders!

Coming up we plan to do St Patrick’s day cookies and, my favorite holiday, EASTER 🐣!!!!

Comment below what your favorite holiday is, as well as your fave dessert or sweet treat! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻