Things I’ve learned over the first year

Wow! So it’s been roughly one year since we started decorating cookies and oh my have we grown! We don’t just specialize in decorative sugar cookies anymore. Oh no. We bake just about everything you can think of! Cookies, breads, pastries, and we’ve even started to get into cakes and cupcakes!!!

This last year has been a whirlwind to say the least! I’ve learned so much, not just about being a business owner, but also about myself. Here are a few things I’ve learned:

1. I suck at time management! I mean yes I get stuff done, but I’m the worst procrastinator. Having a 6 year old who also is identical to me doesn’t help. We hate mornings and generally are pretty lazy people haha!

2. It’s ok to not be everyone’s cup of tea! So we typically sell out or come super close at all events we go to. However, there are always a few that sneak in there that we just don’t do well! There are just some venues that don’t get crowds that include our ideal customers, and that’s okay 👌🏻. We just have to accept it and choose venues more geared towards us.

3. You can say “no”! Haha if my close friends read this, they are going to tell me to keep reading this over and over to myself! So, typically I rarely ever will tell someone “no” for an order. Even if that means staying up 48 hours straight, then I’ll still take it and get it done. Call it greed or whatever. I’m trying to build a mini cookie empire. I can’t build if I turn people away. However, I’m learning that sleep and family time are definitely more important than the next order. People will understand that you’re busy. Focus on the good stuff in life.

4. People truly don’t understand what goes into baking. I’m guilty too! Before I started doing this for a living, I’d say “they’re crazy! I’m not paying that for some cookies!,” but the times and even materials that go into just one dozen sugar cookies is ridiculous!!!! On average sugar cookies need 12 hours for the icing develop and dry. This can be sped up through a dehydrator but then you run the risk of the cookie drying or the icing bubbling or getting wonky.

5. More eyes are watching than you realize! So up until recently, I didn’t think I had much of a following. I knew I had orders but just always felt like it was just the same people trying to be nice or getting pity orders to help keep me afloat. Then it really hit me when I saw someone ask about custom cookies and our business got tagged multiple times. It’s truly amazing! We couldn’t be more grateful! The best advertising is definitely word of mouth!

6. Stay humble! This is a big one for me! We recently received second in a best of Tri county contest for cookies and pies. I was a little upset. Who doesn’t want and strive for first?! My dad had to give me a reality check. At the time of the contest, I had only been baking for about 6 months. I wasn’t a fully established business. I also couldn’t keep up with the orders I had. On top of it, I certainly wasn’t paying for advertisements when I was barely scraping by trying to build a business and be a single parent. Second place definitely made me look at all we’ve done, all we’ve accomplished! It’s been one crazy good, scary, and hectic year! We’ve grown in so many ways and hope to continue! We’re grateful for even being nominated in these contests and to win is truly amazing!

Enough about my life lessons. Who’s ready for the holidays?! Less than two weeks until Christmas and we’re beyond busy!

Come the first of the year, we will be moving out of the house and into the back kitchen of a local restaurant here in town! We’re pretty excited to have an actual kitchen and an official area to bake. We need our house back lol. This has taken over 3 rooms of our home. I can’t tell you the last time we sat at the table to eat 😖😭. Once we get moved in we will post pics and the location for you all to come see us!!!

Hope everyone has a great holiday season!!!! We’ll see you all next year!!!

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