Only 61 days until Christmas!

Hello! Hello!

This year has flown by so fast. It’s hard to believe we are almost through 2021! It still feels like 2019 to me. The pandemic made 2020 and 2021 seem like they didn’t exist.

How are things in your area? Statistics show the numbers rising in my area, but I think we are all completely over it. Very few wear a mask anywhere and many refuse the vaccine.

Anyway…… let’s get onto the fun stuff! Our books are just about full through to New Years! Make sure you get those holiday orders in! We will be offer cookie trays; small (about 50 cookies) for $35, and large (about 100 cookies) for $70.

Only two months to go until Christmas! How crazy is that! Are you ready for the holidays? I haven’t gotten anything for my daughter yet. We’ve been so busy with orders and fall vendor events.

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