Goodbye, Summer! 🏖 ☀️

Anyone else feel like summer flew by?! Just me? Maybe it’s because this was my first summer with a kid in between school grades, but it definitely feels like we blinked and it was over! That being said, I know I’m not alone in saying I’m counting down the days until school starts! 😂 (9 more days…. Or 8 and a wake up 😆).

I felt like we didn’t do anything this summer. Then I actually thought about it and we were very blessed and fortunate to do so many fun things! Water parks, amusement parks, vendor events, the beach, trampoline parks, Legoland, four wheeler drag races, and endless family events and so many wonderful memories made! Without all of you, our amazing customers/friends, we certainly wouldn’t have such a flexible schedule! I hated being a single mom and having to work everyday! Dropping my daughter off at daycares or sitters daily! 😣 Broke my heart every day!!!

Hope you enjoy catching a small glimpse of our summer time fun! What’s your fave summer thing to do? We love love love the beach. My daughter loves camping but I am definitely not a fan at all.

So our upcoming sets include back to school, patriotic stuff for 9/11, fall/ thanksgiving, the infamous cocoa bombs, and then of course winter and Christmas sets!!! We have vendor events every weekend in September and October. Make sure you come see us if you’re local!!!! Also, if you’ll need cookies shipped or even want to place a cookie order for Christmas then get them in now!!! We already have orders for November and December. Those months are filling up fast!!! Also remember to grab your elf on the shelf cookies before it’s too late.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all of our upcoming specials and events!!! Comment below with you fave summer activities! Leave a pic or comment saying hi!!!

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