Wonder Woman

This week we were asked to do a dream order! If you know Kenley or me, you know we’re fans of Wonder Woman. I mean Kenley has pretty much everything Wonder Woman and even had her last birthday party themed as Wonder Woman.

The mother messaged me asking to just do something simple. Circles and stars. As fans ourselves, that just wasn’t acceptable! We didn’t have any cutters at all that were Wonder Woman. I mean a circle and a star sure, but nothing specifically for that theme! And, of course, no stores in our tiny areas had any cutters.

So we had to use our imaginations.

I did find a onesie cutter. Not exactly the sexy bodice of the heroine, but it was close. A pumpkin turned upside down looked like a quote bubble in a comic. A flower cutter could be a “bam” explosion bubble. I know these sound a little crazy but just wait.

Wonder Woman

With some hand cutting to modify the onesie, I think the bodice pieces turned out alright. They weren’t perfect and definitely far from uniform. However, they definitely were identifiable as Wonder Woman.

We love a challenge! And, to be honest, these were a very welcomed break from the Elf on the Shelf Cookies we’ve been busting out! Next up will be some Super Mario cookies. Stay tuned to see the end results!

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