Our first paid order!!!


This last week was beyond exciting!!! We were nervous, excited, scared… so many feels going by on.

A few weeks ago, we started playing with cookies and royal icing. My daughter’s face says it all. We had fun (which I’m told is what counts 🤣), buuuuut they were hardly nice or edible.

Halloween 2020. Her face says it all 🤦🏻‍♀️

The next week, my friend posted a link to Emily Faye Cookies. I quickly clicked on it, watched the video, and was ordering stuff in under 5 mins. From there, we actually got serious and decorated some Christmas cookies.

Those were way better than the Halloween attempts. Each day we worked on a few more. Trees, light bulbs, reindeer, stockings…

As we improved, I decided maybe I should back up from Christmas and get some thanksgiving cutters… 😆 Yes. I’m a little backwards sometimes.

She was in her glory making these!

After posting pictures for friends to see our bonding moments, I started getting messages asking if we would make some for friends. Of course! I’m a single mama with a 5 yr old. Heck yes we will do something we love for a few extra dollars.

So as I was saying, this week was full of emotions, because we baked, decorated, packaged, and delivered our first paid order! We are beyond grateful for the wonderful feedback!


Once this was posted, our inbox blew up! We literally started as just a mother and daughter baking and making memories. Now we are Mommy and Me Cookies (my daughter chose the name). We’re planning for many future endeavors and loving that this is something we can do together!

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